Welcome! My 3 Why's

Have you ever wondered why I started DailyOutfit?

As I welcome you into this community of smart, ambitious women, I want to share my three whys:

1.  Change the Paradigm:  Have you ever been made to feel less-than because of fashion?  The women I work with are smart, accomplished and ambitious.  If you don't get how to style an outfit immediately, that's not on you.  Style is a skill.  I can teach you how to make style easy, fun and empowering.

2.  Reclaiming Your Beauty and Body:  Have you experienced unwanted attention because of your beauty or your body?  35% of the women on this planet have been violated and most of that occurs before a girl turns 18.  This is formative; I know this because I am survivor.  My work helps you become visible on your own terms so you feel beautiful & confident every day.

3.  Claim Your Dreams:  Have you ever felt afraid to stand out as your best self, yet you know you must to propel your own purpose forward?  Working with me helps you build your confidence and become the architect of your own life, so you can step into your power literally and figuratively.

Here is my manifesto!


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FLASH SALE: What have you got to lose?

This program is amazing to do now if:

  • You are working on becoming healthier or losing weight
  • You say no to the events you want to attend because you don't know what to wear
  • You are thinking about making a big change in your life, but you're not quite ready

Did you say YES to any of those statements?  Then, this program is for you!

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This program helps you get ready for the great things you will accomplish in your life.  Whatever is on your agenda, this program will help you set your intention and support you in your goals.

"Not only does DailyOutfit's 6-month personal style course teach you how to find your signature style but it is also a journey to discover yourself, and find all those things that make you you. It goes deeper than clothes and what looks good on you. It helps you define yourself and remind yourself how worthy you really are.It has been a revelation and transformation. I can finally walk out the door at any moment, feeling prepared for any occasion might arise, confident and feeling beautiful!"
- Cristina, Style Suites Group Class

 This program will not be offered again this year.  If you know you want to do it, now is the time.

FLASH SALE: Will I be able to handle it?

This program is designed for you if:

  • You enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home
  • You are active on Facebook and open to sharing with others
  • You have a lot going on in your life and you need a program that respects how full your life already is

Did you answer YES to any of those statements?  Then, this program is for you!

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Here's what Olga had to say about her experience in the program:

While doing the Style Suite Session Group Class I had a very stressful full time job, was volunteering in two different organisations, not to mention the general household and family duties that we all have... So, pretty busy! However...just from 1 hour per month session (which is really not a lot of time, no matter how busy you are) I learned to how spend LESS time on shopping and choosing my clothes! Also, because in the class we learn how to organize our wardrobe, I ended up spending LESS time on cleaning and had MORE time to do fun things or errands. Also, looking good and feeling confident automatically reduced my stress level, which made me feel like I had MORE time to do things I wanted to do, even with a super-busy schedule!

FLASH SALE: What is the Value of the Style Suites Program?

This program is valuable for you if:

  • You want to save time, money or energy on your wardrobe
  • You are aware of your first impression and want to brand yourself effectively
  •  You are ready to take your life, business or career to the next level

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?  Then, this program is for you!

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Here's what Jennifer has to say about being in the program last year:

FLASH SALE: Who is it for?

This program is for you if:

  • You have important goals this year for your life, your business or your career
  • You are confused when you get dressed and you want to be confident
  • You want style to be easy
  • You want to be in control of the message you send in your first impressions

Did you answer YES to any of those statements?  Then this program is for you!

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Here's what Ute has to say about being in the program last year:

How do you define success? {REPLAY}

The replay is now live!  If you still want a chance to watch this webinar, please sign up today!

It's Your Choice

When I first started my business, I only worked in-person. It gives you immediate results.  We co-create your personal style and we put into action -- all in one day.  It's intense, but it's also magical!

Then, I had inquiries from those of you for whom doing all this work in one day is too daunting.  For you, I created programs that work within the season to completely transform your personal style.

Now, it's up to you to choose.

Do you want the magical one-day transformation?  Or do you prefer to take your time? 

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SNEAK PEEK into 2017! {VIDEO}

Have you decided that 2017 will be your year?

I want to help you make that happen.

My clients get results:  promotions, proposals and major positive life changes.

Would you love that to be true for you?

Let me show you how!

Living Your Dream

Last week, I realized I am living my dream.  Seriously!

Living. My. Dream.

It doesn't mean that life isn't messy.  Things go wrong.  Mistakes get made.  And we still have lots of goals to achieve.

But, when I pause and consider where we are, what we're doing and how we're doing it, this is the dream.  And it's my life!


Chances are you could be living your dream, too.  But, the challenges of life may have distracted you from this fact.  And when the challenges of life are large, it can be very hard to remember how lucky you really are.

For within these dreams comes work.  Marriage, children, stability, freedom, your vocation -- whatever your dream is -- none of these necessarily comes free and easy.  And even if it does, it takes effort and courage to keep them strong and growing.

It's so easy to focus on the negative.  But, when I shift my focus to appreciate even the tiniest positives in my day, I gain the strength to keep sailing.

Every day, I literally arm myself with reminders.  My love bracelet becomes an amulet.  My Chanel No. 5 is a magical potion.  My daily outfit is imbued with meaning -- not only for me, but also for the outside world -- to call in my desires and make my dreams come true.

It works for me, it has worked for my clients -- and it can work for you!

We've found love, careers and happiness by making a conscious decision to define what makes us amazing and claim our dreams, then translate that heady mix into a personal style we can inhabit with ease. 

It is my dream is to help YOU in the same way.  Why not say yes?

Let's make your dreams come true -- today!

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Feeling at home

With my class at my 25th Reunion
When people ask me, "Where are you from?" I don't really know the answer.  It's a perennial issue for an expat and one I avoided for a long time.

At my high-school reunion, I mentioned growing up overseas when asked how I'm liking living in The Netherlands. I was surprised to discover most people didn't know (or didn't remember) me as an expat kid.

But, I knew the reason why I had kept this information to myself then.  As I young person, I was afraid of the conclusions people might draw.  So, I just didn't share.

With my husband at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

Recently, I've bumped up against many different pieces of myself.  In London, where I spent my childhood, it's changed so much, I didn't feel at home at all -- and yet, I felt completely okay with that.

But, when I went to my childhood friend Ruth's house, even though it was for the first time, I felt at home immediately.

In Barcelona, among the hipster music crowd, I realized I didn't need the codes of geek glasses and a hoodie to feel like I belonged.  I wore what I like -- and that felt awesome.

Rocking out at St. Andrew's

As I sat on the front lawn at my high school, I remembered how hard I worked to blend in sartorially as a student.  Coming back, it was a challenge to think about what to wear to given who I am now.

There were events where I succeeded and felt that rush of confidence putting on the right outfit -- and later, totally rocked it!

There were other events where I didn't quite pull it off.  This still bothers me.  But, I am working on accepting my mistakes.  After all -- style is for living, not the other way around!

With my husband in London

What I practice is a kind of style alchemy.  I can decode you and help you create a wonderful mix of what looks great, feels great, and what is specifically and uniquely YOU. 

Ultimately, this is the game for me and the result I want for my clients:  to be able to walk into any situation and feel absolutely at home -- no matter where you are!

It's always a work-in-progress, as are we all, but if you can feel comfortable and present yourself as yourself the majority of the time, then you can focus on why you're there in the first place.

Ultimately, the goal of personal style is to set you up to be present for your own success.  I know you have it in you -- so let's rock it!

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