Have you ever wondered where the phrase “dancing cows” comes from?

When the farmer lets the cows out of the barn after a long Winter, they dance!

They buck, they moo, they roll in the dirt.  Boy, were they happy to see that grass!

Spring makes us want to dance — the joy of the colors, the warmer air and fragrance on the breeze.  Even if it’s not yet Spring where you are, it is coming!

This month, My Style Suites Group Class is shopping their own closets.  They know what their vision for their Personal Style is now — we’ve co-created that.

Their next task is to learn how to style their existing pieces so they have looks they love — and see if they can use what they have to start putting their new personal style into action.

You can do this, too, when you bring your Spring clothing out from storage and put away your Winter looks.  For inspiration, watch my video, “Top 5 Transition Tips for Spring“!

PRO TIP:  Keep a few warmer pieces for those chilly, rainy days and make use of your scarves to variegate your temperature.  You’ll find your wardrobe is the most full during seasonal transition.



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