Which hue is right for you?

Make Color Work For You

Just recently, I was talking with a potential client about her frustrations with understanding color — which work for her, why some call to her over others and how she’s supposed to even apply that knowledge when she has no control over what colors are being sold each year!
Are you having the same concerns?  I hear you!  It can feel futile to invest in knowing which colors work for you when only some colors call to you and then even fewer are available to you!
Here are three ways amping your color knowledge can help you amp your style:
1.  Knowing which colors are right for you helps you look your best.
2.  Understanding why certain colors call to you helps clarify your personal style
3.  Deciding your color story allows you to make trends work for you.
Make sense?  It’s okay if your answer is, “No!?”  I’m going to break it down for you!

Let’s dig in —

Photo by Cristina Stoian

Know Which Colors Are Right — For YOU
Have you ever had your colors done?  No?  Why would you?  Because wearing the right color for you makes you instantly look better.
That’s right!  Wear the right color and you will glow!
Do you see this pale pink blouse to the right?  It makes me look awake and alive.
This photo was taken after doing my launch Style Starts Now! Workshop in Amsterdam last year.  I can tell you — I was definitely tired!

But, I don’t look tired.  Why?  The pale pink color reflects the best light back on my skin — giving me a healthy glow.

Who doesn’t want that?  But how do you figure out your colors?
Knowing which colors are right for you is not complicated.  It’s based on a simple formula combining your hair color, your skin color and your eye color.
Some of you will be able to figure this out for yourselves, others will need pro help.

Either way — knowing what colors look best on you helps YOU look your best.

Understand Why Certain Colors Call — To YOU
Certain colors call to you because of their meaning.
Recently, I was working with a client creating her Signature Style.  When we clarified her color story, she realized the colors that matched her style words were all the dominant colors already existing in her wardrobe!

What she had thought was a random collection was actually a coherent story being told by her subconscious.
Now when she walks out the door, she’ll know her color story is meaningful for her rather than random.  She’ll feel confident rather than anxious because she knows she is already conveying exactly the message she wants to convey.

Understanding your color story can help you clarify your personal style because you know the WHY behind your color attraction.

Learn How Trend Colors Can Work — For YOU
When I was talking with my potential client about her color frustrations, she mentioned how annoying it is to not even be able to buy your favorite colors when you want to buy them!  However, if you know how trend colors work, you most certainly can build your wardrobe using your favorite colors.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe.
Spring Capsule by Allison of DailyOutfit

When your color is on-trend, that’s when you want invest in it.  It’ll be available in everything from accessories to main wardrobe staples to beautiful accent pieces.
For example, my favorite ballet pink has been having a moment the last two years.  I knew how to take advantage of it.  I purchased everything I wanted for my capsule wardrobe, prioritizing these items because I knew the moment wouldn’t last forever.
Will this date my look?  Absolutely not.  The pieces I bought were on-trend, but classic and elegant as well.  They will last for years.

Knowing how trend colors works means that I could take advantage of the trends as they happened and build my wardrobe accordingly.
You can know exactly which hue is right for you.  You can understand how color can convey the message you want to send.  You can use trends to work for you.
Why not dispel YOUR anxiety and confusion?  After all, knowledge is power!

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