Have you ever wondered why I started DailyOutfit?

As I welcome you into this community of smart, ambitious women, I want to share my three whys:

1.  Change the Paradigm:  Have you ever been made to feel less-than because of fashion?  The women I work with are smart, accomplished and ambitious.  If you don’t get how to style an outfit immediately, that’s not on you.  Style is a skill.  I can teach you how to make style easy, fun and empowering.

2.  Reclaiming Your Beauty and Body:  Have you experienced unwanted attention because of your beauty or your body?  35% of the women on this planet have been violated and most of that occurs before a girl turns 18.  This is formative; I know this because I am survivor.  My work helps you become visible on your own terms so you feel beautiful & confident every day.

3.  Claim Your Dreams:  Have you ever felt afraid to stand out as your best self, yet you know you must to propel your own purpose forward?  Working with me helps you build your confidence and become the architect of your own life, so you can step into your power literally and figuratively.

Here is my manifesto!


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