This program is amazing to do now if:

  • You are working on becoming healthier or losing weight
  • You say no to the events you want to attend because you don’t know what to wear
  • You are thinking about making a big change in your life, but you’re not quite ready

Did you say YES to any of those statements?  Then, this program is for you!

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This program helps you get ready for the great things you will accomplish in your life.  Whatever is on your agenda, this program will help you set your intention and support you in your goals.

“Not only does DailyOutfit’s 6-month personal style course teach you how to find your signature style but it is also a journey to discover yourself, and find all those things that make you you. It goes deeper than clothes and what looks good on you. It helps you define yourself and remind yourself how worthy you really are.It has been a revelation and transformation. I can finally walk out the door at any moment, feeling prepared for any occasion might arise, confident and feeling beautiful!”
– Cristina, Style Suites Group Class

 This program will not be offered again this year.  If you know you want to do it, now is the time.