I know your time is precious, so I have created my programs to work within your busy life. Whether you’re on the go for work, for your kid(s) or both, my programs slot in to give you back that all-important “me” time.

I teach personal style as a skill so you’ll practice and learn as we co-create your personal style for now — and you’ll know what to do later as you grow and evolve.

Putting my formula into practice, we begin with “What Flatters” you in your very first session. From there, we co-create your personal style from the inside-out. Finally, we’ll do a head-to-toe review to make sure your look sets you up to achieve the life of your dreams

I work online, in-person, in group class format, over time or we can revamp your personal style all in one day. It’s completely up to you — and dependent on how YOU learn best.

What Clients Say About DailyOutfit:

“My goal with the Style Journey was to define a new look for work and private life reflecting my current self. I learned that style is a mixture of the things that look good on me and the things I want to express. And that knowing my colors and style is key for easy shopping. You’ve guided me step by step through the program. I always felt welcome and respected with my opinions. The Style Journey has been a fascinating and insightful experience delivering visible results. I discovered new facets of myself and it still feels totally me. Thanks for everything, Allison!”
– Dagmar, Signature Style Journey
“The whole program made me feel good and more confident.  I learned so much — that I can find clothes that suit me well.  Allison is very positive and knows to how to help label the in-my-head negatives and turn them into positives.  She is great to work with!”
– Dana, Style Suites Sessions
“The first session made me feel better about myself immediately. Allison is so patient and supportive. I’m amazed at how she was able to put outfits together that I never would have even thought of!”
– Daphne, Style Suites Sessions

“… The investment I have made in my DailyOutfit wardrobe has been returned to me multiple times over! Since my outfits suit my figure and thought has been put into how the clothes work together, I know my confidence shines through. People always notice me and are often inspired to offer spontaneous compliments. In a busy city like New York, the fact that strangers feel compelled to tell me how great I look? It’s a great reminder that the DailyOutfit system really works!”
– Robin, Signature Style Journey

“After working with Allison, I feel better about myself every time I get dressed for an important event or presentation. I have learned that my wardrobe can embody my values more than I ever thought it could. My morning routine is more simple and efficient, allowing me more energy to do the things I love to do!”
– Shannon, Signature Style Journey

“Doing this was a treat for myself, it was fun to do and it was a long-term investment in bringing out and defining a sense of my own style.  This has been such an enjoyable journey. I’ve learned about myself as much as I have about fashion. I love how this exercise, over time, has been a process — not a quick fix.  It makes shopping easier and closet clean-outs fast and efficient!  I learned style isn’t hard. It’s about embracing yourself, your clothing likes and dislikes, emulating what you like, trying clothing on — even if it’s outside your comfort zone – and being open to being surprised!”
– Christina, Style Suites Sessions

“DailyOutfit is great because Allison is smart! (After all, she went to Cornell like me!) A lot of fashion advice is insipid and about trends. I tell friends that I like working with Allison because her advice is grounded in her knowledge of shape, color and design and then tailored for individual clients.”
– Kathy, Signature Style Journey
“I really enjoyed seeing how what we imagined together came to life in the actual clothes and outfits we decided on. The best part was that it was so efficient. And I didn’t have to do ANY of the shopping. Allison rocks! I wore my signature outfits this week and last week and got lots of compliments!”
– Carol, Signature Style Journey

“Not only does DailyOutfit’s 6-month personal style course teach you how to find your signature style but it is also a journey to discover yourself, and find all those things that make you you. It goes deeper than clothes and what looks good on you. It helps you define yourself and remind yourself how worthy you really are. I thoroughly recommend this course. For me, it has been a revelation and transformation. I can finally walk out the door at any moment, feeling prepared for any occasion might arise, confident and feeling beautiful!”
– Cristina, Style Suites Group Class

“I really like the balance of guided work – during our meetings/sessions –, individual work and group work on facebook. I think this is a great recipe for this kind of course and what I also like is the fact that it is not about buying new clothes but about finding my style and discovering how to translate it with items I already have. Thank you very much for this great journey, Allison!!!”
– Ute, Style Suites Group Class

Jennifer explains why DailyOutfit is a great investment:

As Fashion runs in seasons, so do my programs.  For my Spring/Summer programs, enrollment is in December.  For my Fall/Winter programs, enrollment is in June.  Book your Complimentary Consult to decide which program is right for you.

Book my Style Starts Now! Virtual Workshop to get into action today OR book your Globetrotter Style Day to create your personal style and make it a reality all in one day!